Vision Guided Robotics

A vision-guided robot (VGR) system is a robot fitted with one or more cameras that are used as sensors to provide robots the ability to see and make informed decisions based on visual data.

Common applications include:

  • Pick and Place Operations: the robot can identify and pick up objects and is often used in manufacturing and assembly lines.
  • Quality Inspections: the robot can inspect products for visual defects to ensure a certain level of quality is maintained.
  • Bin Picking: the robot can identify and pick items from a bin even when filled with a random mixture of items with varying sizes, shapes and weights.
  • Sorting Applications: the robot can identify parts or products and group them based on size or color.
  • Logistics and Warehousing: the robot can navigate warehouses, pick products, organize shelves all based on visual input.

Every day at Amazon fulfillment centers, more than half a million robots assist with stocking inventory, filling orders, and sorting packages for delivery.

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