Consulting Services

Manufacturing environments vary from industry to industry and even from facility to facility. These differences aside, the top performers in each segment share a common commitment that facilitates manufacturing consistency and production efficiency, and that common thread is safety.

Small & Large-Scale Applications

At the inception of risk mitigation, addressing all the procedures, conditions, and how they apply to industry standards can seem like a daunting task. Because of this our robotics and automation integration consulting engineers are available to provide analysis on small-scale, machine risk assessments all the way up to plant level solutions.

Creating The Roadmap

Regardless of your current level of risk mitigation, VMRA can work with you to define your safety roadmap and lay out a plan to operate more effectively and meet your safety goals. We start with risk assessment analysis and often recommend the next step which includes a plant walk-through.

Risk Assessments

Unidentified and unaddressed industrial hazards can put skilled workers in danger, risk damage of core capital equipment, and create a consistent lag on overall efficiency.

Undertaking a risk assessment on the machine or process level provides crucial insight into what steps can be taken to remediate risk and improve overall production. VMRA approaches each assessment from a proactive safety perspective to holistically address the current hazards within the control system and its use by personnel.

Not all risk assessments are created equal. VMRA utilizes industry standard methodologies to observe, inspect, and document system processes. Through a commitment to communication our staff is trained to learn the process from the source to best guide the application of our safety expertise.

More than a piece of paper, VMRA risk assessments are key enablers to creating comprehensive safety solutions that protect and improve productivity.

Risk assessments:

  • Hazardous Energy Control
  • Operational Risk
  • Machine Safety
  • Safeguarding
  • LOTO
Risk Assessment Graphic
Woman Inspecting Robot

Plant Walk-Throughs

It is not always easy to identify areas of high risk that are restricting the performance of people and plant equipment. Although masked behind the usual behavior of equipment or difficult to see within the wide scope of the process, addressing hidden risks can still provide high returns on investment.

An VMRA plant walk-through ensures a complete evaluation of plantwide safety. We work with our clients to identify and prioritize the first stage of improvements to maximize their impact while setting the groundwork for the following stages of enhancements. This custom roadmap provides a clear path for setting goals, monitoring progress, and executing flawlessly.

Take a plant tour with VMRA safety experts and see how we can put you on the path to safer, more profitable production.