Machine Tending

Return On Investment

Capital equipment is the foundation that supports the success of a variety of essential manufacturing operations. As more advanced equipment becomes available, robotic solutions provide a unique opportunity to magnify the benefits of the asset. VMRA machine tending solutions provide a clear path to running core equipment faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

Clarity & Control

VMRA brings a deep understanding of manufacturing to implement cutting-edge technology while engineering with the people and process in mind. By involving our customers from design to start up, our systems provide the right amount of control to run to seamlessly, while keeping floor personnel safe.

Machine Tending Robot

Supported Equipment

Injection Mold Robot

Injection Molding

VMRA robotic systems are perfect for automating tasks in and around injection molding processes. Gain a competitive advantage by keeping each cell compact, safe, and flexible.

  • Sprue Removal
  • Vision Inspection
  • Overhead & Gantry Mounting
  • Tool Changing
  • Rack Out
 Swaging & Forming Robot

Swaging & Forming

Each robotic tending application uses comprehensive design and programming practices to assist manufactures in increasing capacity, cutting scrap, and realizing their just-in-time production goals.

  • Multi-Part Handling
  • Feeding Equipment
  • Laser Marking
  • Multi-Robot Shared Workspace
  • Peripheral Equipment Interfacing
Machine Centers Robot

Machining Centers

Don't let part handling difficulties hold back your machine performance. VMRA robotic solutions are equipped to communicate seamlessly with machining centers to optimize safety and performance.

  • Multi-Part Handling
  • Tool Changing
  • Peripheral Equipment
Press Brake Robot

Press Brake

By utilizing the latest in robotic technology, VMRA designs press brake work cells that provide the best returns on short run and high-volume production.​ For more information, visit our dedicated press brake page.

  • Electric Press Brakes
  • Hydraulic Press Brakes
  • Shears
  • Custom Punch Tables
  • Custom Gantry Feeders
  • Racking / Pack Out
Packaging Machine

Packaging Machines

Automated packaging equipment reduces production time and lowers unit costs. VMRA multiplies the equipement benefits further by robotically feeding raw materials and/or post processing the packaged product.

  • Bagging Machines
  • Filler Machines
  • Form, Fill, Seal Machines
  • Premade Pouch Machines
Laser Systems

Laser Systems

Elevate your precision and speed up the process using robotic part handling for laser machinery. Laser systems can also be mounted to 6-axis robots for added flexibility and control.

  • 2D Fiber Lasers
  • CO2 Lasers
  • Marking
  • Laser Cutting

Featured Case Study

Yellow Robot

VMRA Digitalized Machine Tending Cell Boosts Production By 20%

Increases in order size and quantity led Wisconsin-based auto parts manufacturer Felss Rotoform to expand operations through a new dual robot machine-tending cell.

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