Inspecting products during the manufacturing process is vital to sustaining high-quality standards, minimizing defects, and improving productivity. The inspection also safeguards the quality, accuracy, and consistency of what’s being produced.

VMRA vision system integration helps companies elevate their inspection, identification, and guidance capabilities. If you run one or several products that require different inspections, even if those products and inspections have yet to be discovered, VMRA can provide configurable inspection solutions that tie directly into your in-house systems.

Robots take the worry out of your inspection process so you can focus on other business tasks:

  • Robotic vision systems use cameras and image processing algorithms to attain and analyze visual information about products. These systems can find defects, inconsistencies, and deviations from specifications, including scratches, cracks, misalignments, and missing components.
  • With sensors, robots perform measurements and gather data about product characteristics. The data collected is compared to predetermined criteria to see if the product meets quality requirements.
  • Speed and consistency in product inspection are a big plus when using robots. They continuously work while making sure every product is equally examined in a shortened inspection time.
  • Robotic product inspection can help companies maintain compliance with their industry’s strict regulations and quality standards.

VMRA harmonizes the hardware with inspection software and peripherals for optimum results. 

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