Random Bin Picking

The word random makes it sound simple, but random bin picking is a complicated application involving the automated picking and placing of random items in a container. These robots have advanced sensors, cameras, and 3D vision technologies.

How does random bin picking work? It’s all about the robots.

  • It starts with the robot’s perception system, letting it see and understand what’s in the bin, including the objects’ shapes, sizes, and positions.
  • The robot then processes the data from the sensors to identify single items in the container.
  • Once recognized, the robot’s software generates a route to safely pick up the chosen object. Grippers are used to take hold of a wide range of shaped and sized items without damaging them. Vacuum-based grippers, mechanical grippers, or custom-designed grippers are commonly used.
  • After picking an item, the robot puts it in a set location, another container, or onto a conveyor for packaging.

Why is random bin picking so beneficial to your packaging process?

  • It’s faster than humans, as it’s a time-consuming, repetitive, and error-prone manual task. It also saves money on labor costs.
  • Robots perform the task accurately, don’t get tired, or suffer from repetitive strain injuries associated with manual picking tasks.
  • Robots can work around the clock, improving overall production output.

Want to see random bin picking in action? Take a look at this testing video.

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