Frequently Asked Questions

Is IAS Worldwide now Viking Masek Robotics & Automation?

Since May of 2021, IAS has been in a strategic partnership with Viking Masek Packaging Technologies to offer industry leading automation systems and solutions that help companies increase productivity, improve product quality, and better carry out their manufacturing objectives.

Why is robotic automation the future in manufacturing?

Efficiency – robots can perform tasks quickly and accurately, don’t have to take breaks, and never call in sick. In addition to increases in productivity and cost savings, robots can handle hazardous tasks and work in extreme temperatures.

What is automated mixed case palletizing?

Mixed load palletizing uses robotic systems to strategically arrange various items onto a pallet. Using robots offers a streamlined solution for improving palletized shipments, which can lead to better logistics operations.

What is a safety light curtain?

Basically, it’s a border of light around a machine that when crossed the machine turns off, Similar to the safety feature on your garage door opener, so when the dog runs through the opening or closing of the door and breaks the light beam the door stops.

What are the top five trends robotic automation?

Top trends include labor shortages, reshoring resourcefulness, maintaining sustainability, collaborative robots, and the ease of automation. Check out our latest blog to learn more.

How do I implement a robotic automation solution at my company?

VMRA is an industry leader in state-of-the-art robotic packaging systems. Our solutions will significantly enhance your end-of-line processes, directly affecting your overall equipment effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and your company's bottom line. Contact us at 866.243.2402, or feel free to ask us a question, and we can get the robotics conversation started.