End of Line Automation

At VMRA, our end-of-line automated technology ensures a smooth finish to your production line or assembly process. Products are packed and prepared for delivery in a streamlined fashion while reducing labor costs and increasing productivity. It’s a win-win!

Picture what end-of-line automation would look like at your business. Robots will:

  • Sort products 
  • Inspect and locate defects
  • Move materials between the different end-of-line stages
  • Place products in boxes, bags, or containers
  • Seal packages
  • Attach labels
  • Stack merchandise on pallets for shipping
  • Remove products from pallets
  • Collect data about the production process and product quality
  • Manage inventory and order processing through enterprise resource planning system integration

End-of-line automation is a game changer in many industries, like manufacturing, food and beverage, consumer goods, and pharmaceuticals. That’s because it brings faster production speed, better consistency and quality, fewer errors, and money saved in labor. Call us at 866.243.2402 or drop us an email at info@vikingmasekrobotics.com. Let’s get the conversation started about improving your end-of-line experience.

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