Collaborative Robotic Systems

Collaborative Robotic Systems, or cobots, are designed to safely work and interact with people in a shared workspace.

Why consider using collaborative robots? The benefits are many. Cobots are:

  • Safe. Cobots are built with sensors, which lets them identify humans and objects in the work area. These sensors allow the robots to stop, slow down, or get out of the way to avoid running into things or people.
  • Programmable. Cobots are programmed to complete specific tasks around humans, and programming them is easy, making them accessible for amateurs.
  • Valuable. Many industries find cobots extremely useful, including manufacturing, agriculture, logistics, and healthcare. Cobots jobs include assembly, pick-and-place, inspection, and packaging.
  • Versatile. Cobots can be programmed to function in different ways. They can be coded to stop what they are doing when a human enters the workspace, a person can move the robot to teach it what it needs to do, and it can reduce its force when in contact with a human.

The VMRA professionals will work with you to create specific collaborative robotic systems that will boost your company’s efficiency and productivity while allowing for flexibility in the workplace. With technology constantly evolving, cobots will continue to advance and become a significant part of the packaging world. Contact us to learn more.