Primary Packaging

Primary packaging is the wrapping that comes in direct contact with the product, enclosing, protecting, and presenting the merchandise. Viking Masek Robotics & Automation are experts at the primary packaging process, and how automating it will improve consistency, accuracy, and overall performance in the packing of your products.

There are many primary packaging pieces to keep in mind when planning your company’s process:

  • Product protection from dust, moisture, and damage during transportation and storage.
  • Primary packaging’s material must support the product, considering its fragility, weight, and chemical makeup, and it needs to withstand the robotic handling and automation process.
  • Products need labels, and primary packaging is where each package is labeled with the product’s information.
  • Different product sizes and shapes due to customizing is possible - and helpful in industries with diverse product lines.
  • Sustainability is on everyone’s radar, and the primary packaging process is no exception. Eco-friendly materials and reduced waste with automation make sustainability a reality.
  • The customer’s experience starts in the primary packaging stage, ensuring it’s easy to open, handle, and dispose of.
  • In primary packaging, the closing mechanisms are crucial to maintaining product freshness. Automation makes sure there’s consistent and precise sealing.
  • Quality control is of utmost importance. Here, packages are tested for defects, irregularities, and quality standards.

See for yourself! Watch this video from our client, Dot’s Pretzels, where their primary packaging automation system has brought them packaging triumph.

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