Secondary Packaging

VMRA’s secondary packaging systems will simplify your packaging process.

Secondary packaging is the wrapping that encases the primary packages to create larger units or bundles, making it easier to handle, organize, and ship. It can be made from various materials, like cardboard, plastic, and metal.

When considering using robotics and automation for your secondary packaging processes, take into account these advantages:

  • Automation drastically increases the speed of the secondary packaging cycle.
  • The need for manual labor is much less with automation in the secondary packaging process, decreasing labor costs and minimizing worker injury and fatigue.
  • Containers packed by robots are consistent and precise, lowering the likelihood of errors or variations.
  • Efficient secondary packaging contributes to better use of space during storage and transportation, leading to cost savings and reduced environmental impact.
  • Automation can help meet industry-specific packaging regulations and standards, making sure your process is compliant.

Contact us at VMRA to learn more about how automating your secondary packaging process can reduce labor-intensive practices, improve your packaging consistency, and deliver products to consumers with better accuracy and speed.