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IAS Siemens Automation Solutions


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Companies around the globe are using Siemens industrial automation technologies to drive their most important processes. The top-of-the-line hardware and software products have enabled manufacturers to operate with improved quality, flexibility, and efficiency. VMRA is proud to partner with Siemens in expanding the availability of cutting-edge technologies to manufacturers across the industrial landscape.

Fueled by our extensive experience and training, VMRA is well prepared to provide next level design, engineering, programming, and support of Siemens driven systems.


  • Standard & Safety PLC Programming

  • System Design & Installation

  • Motion Control

  • HMI & Visualization

  • Industrial Communication & Identification

  • Digitalization


 TIA Portal 

TIA Portal

SIMATIC STEP 7 Programming

IAS Simatic PCS 7 Programming.jpg

Consumer trends are continuing to call on manufacturers to implement robotics, flexible machinery, and adaptive processes. VMRA engineers are prepared to equip your facility with automation that is dynamic and scalable.  

  • Control Logic

  • Master-Master Communication

  • Process Control

  • Data Collection

  • Safety Integration


SIMOTION Programming

IAS Simotion Programming.jpg

Even slight miscalculations in motion programming or design can be opportunities for significant performance improvement. VMRA SIMOTION capabilities enable manufacturers to get the most out of their motion processes.

  • Camming & Gearing

  • Precision Pick & Place

  • Robotics

  • Web Handling

  • Hydraulics

  • Packaging Systems

SIMATIC WinCC Programming

IAS WinCC Programming.jpg

HMIs are the first line of action to maintain production stability. Arm your operators and engineers with the clarity and control to make educated decisions and meet their production goals.  


  • System Control

  • Visualization

  • I/O Monitoring

  • Fault Handling & Recovery

  • User Access Control

Legacy Upgrades & System Conversions

IAS Legacy and Conversion Upgrades.jpg

Dated or non-compatible control components can hinder the performance and restrict the capability of production machinery. These systems are often allowed to carry on at limited capacity due to upgrade concerns. Let VMRA provide the pathway to easy communication, supportability, and longevity through:

  • System Design

  • Testing & Start Up

  • Platform Conversion

  • Safety Modernization

  • Documentation

  • Training & Support



Rapidly changing markets and consumer demands that are consistently shifting are pushing manufacturers to create products faster, more dynamically, and with a better quality. Siemens digitalization software and hardware can be used to seamlessly acquire, analyze, and simulate production data to generate performance improvements, from design to production to operations and maintenance.

Digitalization is affecting every industry and reshaping the way we design and manufacture goods. VMRA can help you equip your shop floor in order to meet your goals in IoT and digital enterprise. Through the engineering of a digital twin VMRA can create a virtual shadow of a product, system, or facility to simulate, predict, and optimize the item or processes around it. The digital twin creates a resource that can be used over the entire product lifecycle to:

  • Create Efficient New Product Design

  • Plan & Validate Production

  • Capture, Analyze, & Act On Operational Data

IAS Siemens Digitalization.jpg
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