Consumer products are becoming more customized, more specialized, and need to get to market quicker. This puts pressure on everyone throughout the value chain to be ready to jump on a moment's notice and begin churning out new product.

Since changes are happening so frequently, there is not ample time to allow for large dedicated equipment to prove its worth. This is where flexible robotics can step in to save the day.

With a flexible system, companies can see the system payback over the course of many jobs, instead of having to provide a return on one short-run project. However, the key to unlocking the value can come from using a variety of technologies and tactics.

See a KUKA Arctic Palletizer use a tool changer to handle a wide product mix, and the new KR3 perform circuit board assembly.

Whether it is tool changers, vision systems, force torque sensing, or adaptable programming, VMRA has the right solution to make your next system a flexible one.

Contact VRMA and see how we can work with you to integrate flexibility into your processes.