The benefits of simulating robotic and general automation processes are well established in industry today. Simulation can be used throughout a project's lifecycle, from coalescing engineering concepts, to post project enhancements. In fact, we recently featured a blog post on how VMRA uses simulation to benefit our customers. If you missed it, have a look here.

To achieve these benefits VMRA is partnered with Visual Components a leading developer of 3D manufacturing simulation software and solutions. We are proud to have the successes of our collaborative efforts featured in their latest case study here.

A key component of the study is the new Sprinter Series robotic palletizer line from VMRA. Click the video link below to fly through an application running in a virtual environment with three Sprinter Series palletizers doing what they do best.


VMRA is equipped and experienced with the latest in automation technology in order to create more value in your operations. For more information on how our simulation capabilities and the Sprinter Series can take your manufacturing to the next level, contact VMRA today.