tuv1.webpNew Berlin, WI: VMRA is excited to announce our safety engineering services have been further enhanced by achieving TUV Functional Safety Professional Certification.

Advancing automation and safety are proven components that manufacturers have confidence in driving their business forward. Only when the two work together can the maximum value be realized. This is why VMRA is proud to add TUV certification to our safety portfolio and continue our commitment to providing our clients with world-class safety solutions.

The testing and certification have been presented in accordance with international standards in safety and have assured the ability of an VMRA Functional Safety Professional to analyze:

  • Functional Safety Management: Life cycle concept, documentation requirements, verification, validation, assessments & audits, modifications
  • Hazard & Risk Analysis: Hazard identification, hazard analysis, risk reduction, safety function definition using Risk matrix, risk graph
  • Planning Safety Systems: Planning for end users, integrators, and realization of safety systems, safety plan, verification plan, validation plan, safety requirement specification, requirements for suppliers
  • Hardware Design: Hardware lifecycle, high demand mode, redundancy, diversity, hardware fault tolerance, safe failure fraction, architectural constraints, proof testing, diagnostic tests, measures to avoid and control failures
  • Hardware Reliability: Reliability modeling, block diagrams, failure data, calculation methods, SIL, PFH, HFT, SFF, PL, MTTFd, DC, CCF
  • Software Design: Software lifecycle, embedded software, application software, utility software, fixed programming languages, limited variability languages, full variability languages, software architecture, V-model, measures to avoid failures
  • Operation & Maintenance: Installation and commissioning, safety validation, operation, maintenance and repair, modification and retrofit, maintenance override

The FSP Certification reinforces the ability of VMRA to provide safety services that go beyond analysis, and equip our customers with design, programming, and system integration to help them achieve world-class safety in their operations.

This global certification means that VMRA is authorized to analyze, certify, and create the necessary documentation for OEM equipment. By working with VMRA to complete certification process, manufacturers can be assured that they are shipping a safe product that is fully compliant in the standards of the country it will be operating in.

To learn more about VMRA safety services view our Safety Overview Page or Contact VMRA today.