When pursuing advancements in manufacturing, there are numerous options to choose from, tough decisions to be made, and hurdles in the way.

This is unlikely to change anytime soon, but through VMRA CAD & Simulation services we can gain engineering insights early in the process and make projects as agile as the systems themselves. Below are just a couple of ways that you can benefit from using our simulation offerings.

Industrial Robot Simulation


Every industry, division, and plant has their own unique needs. VMRA can break down the pain points in your process flow and configure a solution that fits around the spatial demands of the site. In other cases, it simply starts with "I wonder if a robot could help us," or "Is it possible to automate this process?" By using pinpoint modeling, we can answer that question.


Cycle Times

Putting robot paths through a virtual version of their controllers brings cycle time data to the table well before the robot hits the floor... but why stop at robots? We can simulate other equipment and processes for an even more detailed picture of full system performance.


Selling To Management

Sometimes, the most difficult bridge to cross is not an engineering issue, but rather it is getting management on board to move the project forward. Describing the benefits on paper is one thing, but seeing is often believing, and showing the operation in action can create more voices in support of your project.


Are All Of The Above Already Done? We use it anyway.

Even if your robot project is at an advanced stage, choosing VMRA will result in a robot cell that has been tested in reach and load to optimize performance and create a cell with the absolute perfect robot for the job.

Curious to learn more about how simulation can benefit you? Contact VMRA today and see how we can help every step of the way to maximize operational performance in your facility.