Plans include adding manufacturing, office space and engineering headcount.

New Berlin, WI (May 1, 2020) – Viking Masek Robotics & Automation, a leading systems integrator of robotics, machine vision, control systems, and industrial safety, announced today a 15,000 square feet expansion of its headquarters, bringing the facility to 45,750 square feet. The company saw an order growth rate of 55% in 2019 and is seeking the expansion in order to accommodate the increased demand for its custom designed robotic cells and automation systems. The expansion will mostly comprise of manufacturing space and will be complemented with offices and collaboration rooms.

“This investment will have widespread benefits to our business and ultimately our clients,” said VMRA Director of Business Development, Bryan Brisch. “We’ll be able to increase our response time, add to our overall project capacity and broaden our in-house engineering capabilities. In the coming months we look forward to developing this space to provide our clients with automation solutions in a larger scale and higher quantity than ever before.”

With a global push for smarter, more efficient solutions to manufacturing problems, the modernization of VRMA’s production facility will help address the needs of companies with tomorrow’s factory in mind.

“We always want to be ready to provide the next step in technology that helps manufacturers do what they do better, so through this build out we’re creating the infrastructure to support the future of automation,” said Paul Szeflinski, President.

VMRA has been providing turn-key automation systems to manufacturers across industries since 1998. It is well known for designing custom systems that increase manufacturing throughput and improve product quality, while protecting workers by meeting global safety standards. “We are incredibly proud to be executing this part of our strategy to bring our innovative systems to more manufacturers in the Milwaukee area and around the world”

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About VMRA

VMRA is a systems integration company developing automation that brings this technology to life and enables our clients to benefit from the cutting edge in what is possible today. Our four core disciplines of robotics, machine vision, control systems, and industrial safety have been created to address the unique needs of industry today. The result is systems that are being leveraged by companies across the world to become more efficient, more agile, and more productive.