The past year proved to be an exciting one in the world of industrial technology. With 2016 now fully in the rear view, we look ahead to the technology and trends that will shape what is possible in the year ahead. Here are just a few topics we expect to be exploring in depth in 2017.


Industrial Internet of Things and Industry4.0 would likely top the list of industrial buzzwords for 2016. With adoption continuing to accelerate, 2017 looks to be a breakout year for a technology that has the potential to be a game changer.

Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms have undergone a period of rapid development in 2016. Their implementation into the industrial landscape will likely be through many systems and products we already use today in order to make them work smarter and develop large gains in productivity. The National Institute For Standards and Technology seems to think so.

The Robot Revolution Continues

Each year industrial robotics continues to advance in both hardware and software. From specialized robots, to cobots, and beyond, 2017 looks to be another record breaking year. (You can be sure will be filling you in on the numbers on '16 and '17 as they become available.)


SCADA is another highly adopted platform that will forge ahead into new exciting waters in 2017. Plant level control and expansive analytics capabilities will make SCADA systems more powerful than ever before. Even ask our partners at COPA-DATA.