Staying on top of the game in any industry makes or breaks organizations and this includes automation. We've researched what professionals in the robotics world are currently talking about and what’s new. Check out these trending topics and consider how to incorporate solutions into your automation roadmap.


Labor Shortages

Many experts say finding people to fill jobs is the number one trend compelling companies to turn to automated packaging. Finding and retaining talent is a significant challenge for the industry. Globally, there are more jobs than there are people to work them. Many companies are automating their processes to fill staffing issues, improve productivity, and stay competitive.

Reshoring Resourcefulness

Labor costs overseas are rising, and the price of automation in the US is decreasing. Together, these two trends are helping drive reshoring efforts across the United States. Companies are desperate to return to manufacturing at full capacity, and robotics is one of the best ways to do achieve this goal (especially during a labor crisis). Reshoring can shorten supply lines and wait times, reduce emissions, and create environmental benefits that help make using robotics more sustainable.

Maintaining Sustainability

Sustainability and environmental impacts have been concerns for companies using automated technologies since their inception. Fast forward to today, where robotics is an essential must-have in the industry and for consumers, sustainability is a central focus point.

Robots can be refurbished, repaired, and upgraded. In fact, manufacturers consider a machine's capacity to run current and new packaging materials a significant advantage when purchasing new automation. This is because packagers can now always have cutting-edge automation and eco-friendliness requirements for consumers. This trend of sustainability goes beyond robots. New and more sustainable packaging products are constantly being created, taking into account the entire lifecycle of materials.

Collaborative robots

Cobots (computer-controlled robots with direct human interaction) remain the fastest-growing segment of the automated packaging industry trends, and for good reasons. Cobots are smaller, lighter, and easy to use. They balance both human labor and traditional robots. Ten years ago, cobots were considered a luxury, but now it is a vital part of many industries. In 2023, expect to see many companies turning to cobots to increase their production capacity. What's more, cobots have higher payloads and a longer reach, transforming parts of the packaging industry. Light enough to be unbolted, relocated, or attached to a heavy base with wheels creates new efficiency opportunities.

The Ease of Automation

Gone are the days of needing a Ph.D. to figure out how to use an automated packaging system. This trend of simple-to-use machines is here to stay and will only evolve for the better as time goes on. Everyone can learn how to use automation to its maximum capabilities, from small mom-and-pop shops to international organizations, from newbies to pros. And much like clients of Viking Masek Robotics & Automation, customers love the experience of an operating system that's easy to use. Making it even better, clients can lean on VRMA’s all-encompassing customer support from start to finish.

Viking Masek Robotics & Automation is an industry leader in state-of-the-art robotic packaging systems. Our solutions will significantly enhance your end-of-line processes, directly affecting your overall equipment effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and your company's bottom line. Want to learn more? Take a look at our website, call us at 866.243.2402, or ask us a question, and we can get the robotics conversation started.

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