North American robotics numbers set new records once again in 2017. Annual all-time highs were reached in each of the measured categories of ordered units, order revenue, shipment units, and shipment revenue. Notable highlights include:

  • NA customers purchasing 34,904 total units

  • Non-automotive orders contributed massively in 2017 with 20.5% growth

  • The most sizable growth by industry for the year were from:

  • Plastics & Rubber (59.6%)

  • Metals (53.9%)

  • Food & Consumer Goods (44.2%)

Strong numbers continue to come in from industry in Q1 of 2018. With a decline in automotive sales more than offset by large growth in units shipped from the life sciences (262%), plastics/rubber (130%), and food/consumer goods (64%) industries.

For the full reports take a look at the RIA's full year 2017 and Q1 2018 releases.

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