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IAS Brake Press Tending


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Are you getting the most out of your metal bending equipment?

If your parts are not being handled robotically, you may be missing out on an opportunity to boost the performance and overall productivity of your work station.


By utilizing the latest in robotic technology, VMRA designs press brake work cells that provide the best returns on short run and high-volume production.

Our customized systems are ready to accommodate a wide array of equipment from a variety of industry leading vendors. Interfacing directly to this equipment can be integrated in order to maintain the best in safety and continuous motion.


  • Electric Press Brakes

  • Hydraulic Press Brakes

  • Shears

  • Custom Punch Tables

  • Custom Gantry Feeders

  • Racking / Pack Out


Press Brake Performance


VMRA robotic press brake systems provide the precision and efficiency to maximize production yield. Thorough our holistic engineering approach, we are able to provide important operational gains that help our customers compete in a global marketplace.

  • Increased Throughput

  • Minimized Part Cost

  • Equipment Utilization Growth

  • Lowered Start Up Time

  • Reduced Maintenance

  • Bottleneck Removal


Material usage and consistency are crucial to keep parts in tolerance. Robotic control offers unmatched speed and repeatability that enables quality operation during every cycle.

  • Scrap Reduction

  • Part Uniformity

  • Skilled Worker Retention 

  • Variable Part Accommodation

  • Production Scheduling


System enhancements and peripherals can be fully integrated to our systems to construct the ideal machine. Options can be linked back to interfacing equipment to provide complete control for operator and maintenance staff.

  • Dual Robot Handling

  • Gripper Options

  • External Axis

  • Tool Changer

  • Squaring Tables

  • Multiple Outfeeds

  • Part Marking

  • Vision Inspection 

Workplace Safety

Manually operating a press brake and other ancillary processes can be physically straining and elevate the risk exposure of plant personnel. 

VMRA designs each cell to meet the standards of the Robotics Industries Association to keep workers from fatigue and injury. 

 Additional Process Integration 

Additional Process Integration


IAS Sheet Metal Sheer.jpg


IAS Punch Systems.jpg

Material Transfer

IAS Custom Gantries

Flip & Lift

IAS Flip & Lift Mechanisms.jpg
Case Study
IAS Metal Forming Magazine

 Featured Case Study 

Press Tending Cells Help Company Become

Largest Commercial Roofing-Edge Component Manufacturer In US

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