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Automation Integration for printing industry

The efficiency of the printing process leans heavily on accurate tuning, integration and exact synchronization of the subsystems involved. If one area is not working to its full potential, printers may experience a severely limited output from the entire machine. The limitations may show through a combination of reduced production speed, quality imperfections, or added maintenance costs, all of which will negatively impact the bottom line. The answer doesn’t have to be to make the large capital expenditure of purchasing new automated machines.

The mission of our print industry solutions is to upgrade your machine with state-of-the-art components and controls to reach performance levels at or beyond the capabilities of your equipment when it was new, resulting in:

  • Increased System Life Span

  • Decreased Maintenance 

  • Improved Equipment Availability

  • Increased Line Speed

  • Added Profitability

 Flexographic Press Upgrades 

Flexographic Press Upgrades

Central Impression Drive System Upgrades

IAS Drive System Replacement.jpg

The VMRA drive system upgrade has been designed to enable precise synchronization of press motors. This new level of control is combined with an updated operator interface to allow for supervisory, engineering, and remote diagnostics capabilities.

Choosing the VMRA CI drives upgrade facilitates:

  • Increased Press Speed

  • Decreased Changeover Times

  • Increased Energy Efficiency

  • Increased Supportability

  • Elimination Of Obsolescence Concerns

Deck Positioning

System Modifications

IAS Flexographic Deck Adjustment Upgrade

Deck adjustment can be a time consuming and laborious process. By modifying and upgrading the key components, procedures can be controlled much more easily for faster adjustment and more precise results.

  • Independent & Coordinated Movement Of All Motors

  • Higher Precision & More Repeatable Zero Referencing

  • Simplified Calibration

Operator Interface


IAS Operator Controls Upgrade.jpg

VMRA operator interfaces are made to meet the needs of press operators to provide the most simple, easy, and effective control of their machines. Operator interface upgrades provide an easy way to expand control and maximize ease of use. VMRA can also upgrade the pendant control with new units that are equipped to:


  • Manipulate Plate & Anilox Movement From A Safe-Zone

  • Monitor Local Status & Control During Deck Calibration

  • Be Moved Easily Through Use Of Its Magnetic Base

Slitter Rewinder Upgrades

 Slitter Rewinder Upgrades 

Recharge your slitter rewinder equipment with an VMRA controls upgrade. By outfitting your machine with the latest in servo motors, drives, control and safety systems, VMRA provides a way avoid purchasing costly new equipment by maximizing your existing investment.


VMRA minimizes any machine downtime with fast installation and commissioning of the upgrade. We then assure long term success of the machine through and training and support that keep the slitter rewinder running well for its entire lifespan.

  • Increased Web Speed

  • Improved Web Tension Control

  • Extended Expected Machine Lifetime

  • Intuitive Operator Control

  • Reduced Maintenance

  • Increased Safety

IAS Slitter Rewinder Upgrades.jpg
Laminator Upgrades

 Laminator Upgrades 

Upgrading your controls through VMRA can transform your existing machine into a low price, high production quality laminator unit. When assessing the decision to invest, a laminator cost-benefit analysis can yield some of the strongest engineering and business cases in the shop floor. 

VMRA customers realize more than just the direct benefits of faster equipment. An upgraded laminator now becomes easier to support, easier to train on, and is on a unified communication bus that helps to future-proof the application. Don’t let your legacy equipment slow you down.

  • Increased Web Speed

  • Improved Web Tension Control

  • Extended Expected Machine Lifetime

  • Intuitive Operator Control

  • Reduced Maintenance

  • Increased Safety

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