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At the end of the line space is at a premium and absolute speed is required. Sprinter Series Palletizers provide the palletizing performance required to meet the most demanding throughput requirements, while maintaining a small and serviceable footprint. 

Through the use of configurable modules, the Sprinter Platform casts a sweeping technology net that covers the needs of manufacturers ranging from small to large scale production. Each Sprinter cell starts with a base configuration type, which then offers the ability to add, remove, or upgrade major system components. 

Material handling is also unrestrained. Single, multi, and full layer picking options are available for a variety of product types from boxes to bags to bottles and more.

Sprinter Series Palletizers provide a simple way to tailor form a solution that works best for its dedicated application, while maintaining a uniform and adjustable backbone to that unites palletization operations. ​

 System Modules 

System Modules

Robot Suppliers

Don't lose a step deviating from your robot standard. Sprinter systems are backed by VMRA engineers that are certified and proficient in the integration of robotics from the world's major suppliers. 

  • ABB

  • Fanuc

  • KUKA 

  • Yaskawa

Core Equipment

Take your system to the next level and raise your overall return on investment by selecting the ideal

core equipment combination for each cell. 

  • Pallet Dispensers

  • Slip Sheet Stations

  • Stretch Wrappers

  • Multi-Infeed Conveyance

  • Multi-Outfeed Conveyance


Assure a solid grip no matter what the packaging type. In standard and non-uniform applications, VMRA robotics palletizing solutions have the perfect end of arm tool solution. 

  • Vacuum

  • Claw

  • Gripper

  • Hybrid

Additional Offerings

Need more precise control? Are industry standards or special processes holding your operation back? Sprinter Palletizers can be equipped with additional offerings to unleash your full potential.

  • Mixed Case Operation

  • Vision Integration

  • Advanced Interface

  • Environmental Protection

  • Custom EOAT

 Featured Configurations 

Featured Configurations

PMS 1-1

Sprinter Palletizer PMS1-1.png

  • Single Infeed

  • Pallet Corral

  • Slip Sheet Station

  • Pallet & Slip Handling Tool

  • Single Outfeed

HCS 1-2

  • Single Infeed

  • Pallet Conveyer

  • Over-Conveyor Slip Sheet Station

  • Pallet & Slip Handling Tool

  • Mixed Case Palletizing

  • Dual Outfeed

Sprinter Palletizer HCS1-2.png

HPD 2-1

  • Dual Infeed

  • Pallet Dispenser

  • Pallet Handling Tool

  • Mixed Case Palletizing

  • Dual Outfeed

Sprinter Palletizer PD2-2

 Featured Case Study 

Case Study

Mixed-Case Palletizing System Adjusts
To Orders On The Fly

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