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IAS Material Handling Robotics


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The use of workers on small parts and overhead cranes on heavy product have been conventional methods to maintaining manufacturing flow. These handling solutions are often dull, dirty, dangerous, and slow, but their overall complexity leads them to be looked at as too difficult to automate. The problem is compounded when workers create roundabout handling solutions that result in faster processing times but introduce further quality and safety issues.

VMRA uses experienced engineers and in-house EOAT designers to tailor fit each application and overcome the obstacles involved material handling. Manufacturers that partner with VMRA can transform these handling processes into modern automated operations that improve quality and increase production throughput. 

 Application Capabilities 

Application Capabilities


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From small automotive parts to large aerospace applications, VMRA has your precision assembly needs covered. Advances in robotics now means that processes with ultra-tight tolerances or arbitrary positioning demands are now possible. Optimize your workflow and cut your changeover time by choosing the dynamic and flexible robotic assembly systems from VMRA. 

  • Bowl Feeding

  • Flex Feeding

  • Force Sensing

  • Machining & Deburring

  • Vision Integration

Part Transfer

IAS Robotic Tray Racking.jpg

VMRA draws on our partnership with the leading global industrial robot manufacturers to locate the robotic hardware and software that is best fit to your short – and long-term needs. Coupling this with our in-house design team creates systems that can conquer your part transfer issues and create a ripple effect that boost performance of other nearby processes. 


  • Custom EOAT Design

  • Multi-Robot Cooperation

  • Multi-Part Handling

  • Vision Guidance

Picking & Packing

IAS Packing Robots

Picking and packing applications often provide some of the most impactful results available in robotic automation. VMRA picking and packing systems work hard to quickly align and fill product orders, resulting in additional available capacity and product margin improvements. 

  • Bin Picking

  • Kitting

  • Mixed Configuration Packing

  • Multi-Product Handling

 Featured Case Study 

Case Study
IAS Robotic Material Handling.jpg

Supplement Company Reaches New Heights With Robotic Unloading

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