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Diagnostic test kits are vital in providing patients with the correct diagnosis and putting them on the best treatment path. When testing is required on a global scale, VMRA is here to help with the manufacturing automation that enables production to ramp up and critical processes to operate with strong quality metrics.

Our offering includes standardized robotic cells that meet tight project timelines as well as custom designed systems that are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Controls can be customer defined to meet internal specifications and allow for long-term ease of use over the lifetime of the system.

The VMRA engineering, programming, and design teams are ready to take your test kit production to the next level. Let's partner together to save lives.  

  Application Capabilities  

Application Capabilities

Inspection & Guidance

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VMRA machine vision systems combine innovative hardware with intelligent software that assures every test kit component is within spec and properly kitted before it's packaged.

  • Vision Guidance

  • Part Verification

  • Quality Inspection

Packaging & Pouching

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VMRA diagnostic test kit loading cells are specialized to handle each kit with care and precision in order to maintain product integrity and maximize the  efficiency of the packaging process. 

  • Pouch Machine Loading

  • Horizonal / Vertical Handling

  • Conveyance & Peripherals Integration

Packing & Palletizing

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High volume products call for end-of-line solutions that meet demanding production rates. VMRA robotic packaging and palletizing systems are built for speed while maintaining flexibility with dynamic layouts and user-friendly controls. 

  • Custom EOAT Design

  • Mixed Load Palletizing

  • Vertical / Horizontal Packaging

  • Automatic Pallet Dispensing

  • Stretch Wrapping

  • Case Erecting

Case Study

 Featured Case Study 

IAS Medical Device Robots.jpg

Medical Devices Firm Reaches Production Goals With VMRA Robotic Loading Cells

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