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From new machine build to legacy equipment upgrades, VMRA has a full suite of engineering offerings to help your equipment run smarter and more efficiently. 
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Cutting-Edge Solutions From A Single Source

Sourcing and managing various technology partners to take complex automation projects over the finish line can be as difficult and costly as the engineering work itself. VMRA has built an extensive knowledge portfolio within our engineering staff that enables us to integrate the best automation technology for the application, as well as handle any upstream or downstream considerations. By using this multidisciplinary approach VMRA creates a single, reliable source to fully address a wide range of automation needs.  


A Services Format That’s Customized To You


The shifting needs and priorities of industry means that a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t be sufficient. VMRA offers engineering services in multiple formats to match the demands at hand.

  • Project-Based Automation

  • Service & Support

  • Service Level Agreements

  • Engineer Placements

IAS Control System Servies

 VMRA Control System Services 

Automation Control

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Print Industry Solutions

IAS Printing Press Solutions
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